Claire's New Bed Claire's New Bed

The girls' rooms are still not in order yet, and my guilt levels have been off the charts for the past few weeks. It's time to get t...

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4:35 PM

DIY Modern Sunburst Mirror DIY Modern Sunburst Mirror

It's no secret that my love for sunburst mirrors runs long and deep - especially chunky antique ones in gold tones. So when it was time...

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10:48 AM

Our Holiday Cards Our Holiday Cards

Holidays are made for you at Zazzle . Find cards you'll covet at . Years ago, I used to really go al...

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2:30 AM

How to Paint (and Even Wallpaper!) IKEA Furniture How to Paint (and Even Wallpaper!) IKEA Furniture

Thank you so much for your kind feedback on the Domino article ! I'm so excited to start sharing the behind-the-scenes projects and idea...

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7:28 AM