Weekend Give Away: 5 Pairs of Shoemint Shoes Weekend Give Away: 5 Pairs of Shoemint Shoes

It's the weekend! After the past couple of crazy weeks, I am welcoming the chance to sneak out for a date night with Michael. Plus, I...

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7:44 PM

The Playhouse The Playhouse

One of the homes we lived in when I was a kid had an awesome tree house in the yard. I played there with my brothers and sisters and friends...

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10:33 PM

Fig trees, Mums and Boxwoods Fig trees, Mums and Boxwoods

I thought it would be hard to find plants that I like this time of year, but I'm learning there are all sorts of pretty plants available...

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9:45 PM

Limiting Your Medium Limiting Your Medium

I started the draft for this post a while ago and never got around to posting it. Before I got sick we pumped out a lot of yard projects (ph...

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7:39 PM

More Pattern Play (and $100 L&S Give Away!) More Pattern Play (and $100 L&S Give Away!)

L&S Fabrics is giving away another $100 gift certificate! (Also - did you hear they are running a sale through the end of the month? 20...

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8:45 PM

Thank You Thank You

Hi friends, Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for all the well-wishes, comments, tweets, texts, emails and phone calls. I feel sur...

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1:07 PM

Update on Jenny Update on Jenny

Hi, guys. On Saturday Jenny was admitted to the ICU for tetanus poisoning. She is hanging in there and getting a little better each day but ...

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11:52 AM

DIY Whiteboard Calendar DIY Whiteboard Calendar

This content series is in partnership with smartwater.  smartwater, simplicity is delicious.  Click here  to learn more. I always think it&...

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6:06 AM