On the second-to-last stop on our house tour (just the laundry room left!) is our master bedroom. (Isn't it funny that we call it the master bedroom? Always makes me think of Les Mis.)

 photo dDSC_0517.jpg

The room is on the first floor, just around the corner from the stairs up to the girls' rooms, which I am super excited about. I love that we have privacy away from the kids, but quick access in case they need us in the middle of the night.

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The room is long and it's definitely bigger than other bedrooms we've had over the years. (finally room for a king-sized mattress!) And I couldn't be more excited about the extra space, but I'll confess that our new closet is getting the side-eye from me.

 photo dDSC_0513.jpg

I've been hoping for a really functional closet for me and Michael for a long time now and this one falls a bit short, but I think we can come up with some work-arounds.

 photo DSC_0515.jpg

As it is, it's definitely long enough, but it's a bit narrow with hangers coming at you from all sides. And while it's nice to have all that high storage, what would I put up there and how would I get it easily on the regular? And most importantly: shoes. Where!?

 photo DSC_0516.jpg

So, since the bedroom is so long, we're planning to add a bank of storage closets for shoes and accessories along this wall that is shared with the closet and is right by the bathroom. I'm hoping to come up with a really pretty design for these - maybe something mirrored?

 photo dDSC_0530.jpg

I'm thinking of maybe putting my chinese panels here on this wall, behind where the bed will be.

 photo DSC_0532.jpg

And I'd love to put a pair of slipper chairs here in front of the fireplace. I should have snagged these now that I'm thinking about it! :/

 photo dDSC_0518.jpg

We're going to frame out this fireplace as well and probably also pull out the hearth here so that the firebox is flush with the floor.

 photo DSC_0529.jpg

 photo dDSC_0534.jpg

 photo DSC_0535.jpg

On the wall next to the fireplace is this funny double door that goes outside to a little side yard.

 photo dDSC_0522.jpg

At first I was like "Close it up!" and then I got to thinking about how it would be the perfect potty yard for Linus since it's a self-contained space.

 photo dDSC_0736.jpg

He likes to sleep on the floor in our room anyway, so we could just put his bed by the door here and it would be easy to let him out to go to the bathroom. Keeps the backyard where the kids play free from Linus landmines. :)

 photo dDSC_0731.jpg

I think we'll put a pair of long, low dressers here along the door wall.

 photo DSC_0519.jpg

And then maybe a pair of cute hampers on the little wall by the bathroom (which I showed you here).

 photo dDSC_0520.jpg

I'm hoping this room will feel cozy and peaceful, but also fresh and bright. Our last two master bedrooms have been on the dark side, so I'd love to really bring in the light in here. I think lightening up the floors will help a ton and then painting out the super-warm wall colors and framing out the fireplace will really change the feel of the space. I can't wait to move in here once the floors are finished. This playroom living is getting a little stale. :)

 photo dDSC_0517.jpg