I got to thinking about the new Widdicomb chairs and what I want to use to cover the seats. I like the gray bonded leather I got at Home Fabrics - the color was nice and neutral and the material would wear really well. But I think the gray is probably too close to the floor color and I don't want the space to get too neutral (most everything else in our kitchen will probably be a neutral color other than the red lanterns and the accessories). I was looking through inspiration images and I came across this oldie-but-goodie from David Jimenez.

 photo davidjimenezbedroom.jpg

Such a great space. And the blue leather was calling out to me as a great option for the louis chairs. I thought ideally I would want something a little more on the green-blue side to work better with the lanterns and the gray floors. A quick eBay search later and I found this beautiful peacock leather.

 photo zzDSC_0434.jpg

 photo zDSC_0457.jpg

Whenever I'm trying to imagine the way a fabric or leather will look on a piece of furniture I just search online for images of chairs or sofas or whatever in that general type of fabric. "Peacock Blue Leather Chairs" brought up a couple of chairs in the exact shade of teal that I'm considering. I think the color is really nice!

 photo Interiors-Chairs_N1808L-b.jpg
 photo HCH4K1K_mx.jpg

I like that it is definitely not a neutral, but it isn't too in-your-face either. And I think it will pair beautifully with the red lanterns I'm planning on in the dining area.

 photo aDSC_0463.jpg

I ordered a sample and used it to conduct a little testing with a bit of ketchup, some soda and a dripping-with-condensation cup. I left everything to sit for a couple hours and I was surprised that it all wiped off without so much as a shadow of a stain.

 photo IMG_7217.jpg

 photo IMG_7224.jpg

If I order the hide or two that I'll need for the six chairs, I might be tempted to change the finish a bit on the chair frames. I'm committed to living with the chairs as-is for another week or two while I get the leather ordered, just to really give it a chance. But the last two days we've been using the chairs at the table and I'm sad to report that the finish is not sitting so well with me in here.

 photo aDSC_0437.jpg

(but doesn't the whole set fit the space perfectly?! I love it)

 photo aDSC_0460.jpg

The finish is just a little to bespeckled and glazed. And upon close examination, there are some chips in the caning that would help justify my cause a little too.

 photo aDSC_0486.jpg

If these were antique chairs, I definitely wouldn't touch the finish, but these are mid-century chairs and the finish just screams "bad vintage paint job!" to me right now, but I know I'm being overly critical.

 photo aDSC_0482.jpg

If I do paint them, I'll lightly go over the green with a pale gray paint and then dry brush the whole chair white, just to brighten up the glaze. I still want an antique look to the frames though - and I think the combo would be so pretty with the new leather color.

 photo aDSC_0471.jpg