Signing Off Early (and a little poll) Signing Off Early (and a little poll)

Last night was scary and weird. I have this problem where food gets stuck in my throat. Once a couple years ago an Ibuprofen liquid gel pill...

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1:02 PM

Jenny Bedding at Biscuit Jenny Bedding at Biscuit

I feel as if my life is essentially complete - there is a bedding line pattern named after me. (!) Bailey McCarthy, who I'm sure you kn...

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2:57 PM

Reader Laundry Room Re-Design Reader Laundry Room Re-Design

Remember the  giant laundry room give away  I did with The Home Depot, Tide and Maytag a while back? I redid my own laundry room on a budget...

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9:00 AM

Lately on Fab (Home Edition!) Lately on Fab (Home Edition!)

I went over to my friend's house yesterday and I marveled over how pretty she had decorated it. She bought a house about a year ago that...

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6:21 PM

How I Painted My Stairs How I Painted My Stairs

I've decided I definitely want to change the stairs (treads, banister, balusters - everything) down the road a bit. But for now, I knew ...

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12:18 AM