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The good people at Kiwi Crate saw my post where I mentioned that I've been trying to come up with fun craft activities for my girls now that school's out. They have the coolest product (seriously, it's award-winning - all you design-loving moms will totally approve!) - once a month a box arrives at your doorstep, beautifully packaged with 2-3 kid-focused activities. (Here are the most popular past crates.) Subscriptions start at $16.99 and additional boxes for siblings are only $9.99. Shipping is always free.

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They also send a copy of their adorable Explore! Magazine.

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The Kiwi Crate we got this week was called Farm Fun and it had a little planter box where you can plant real seeds, and this felt finger puppet project inside.

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The bookshelves were finished this week, so I loved that I could sort of let the girls loose on their projects on the floor of the library while I was putting away books. Each project comes with very clear picture instructions, so even my Evie could make the puppets on her own.

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It ended up being hours of quiet play time, which have been few and far between around here lately. Two thumbs up from this tired and busy mom! :)

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PS!! Get 25% off your first month's subscription to Kiwi Crate with the code LGN25. The summer crates will all be about exploring the great outdoors! :)

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