Well, 2013 is moving along a break-neck speed already, isn't it? Fab invited me to share my picks for Valentine's gifts this year. Since we have my birthday, Christmas and our wedding anniversary that all happen within a couple weeks of each other, by the time Valentine's rolls around for us, we're tapped out of gift ideas (and are sick of spending money). So we usually exchange small and simple gifts. It makes the holiday light and fun, and I think all of these below fit into that category perfectly:

One  -  What better way to celebrate the day of love than going to dinner with your man while he's sporting a pink bowtie?
Two  -  I have a major thing for artglass vases in pretty color combos. They make perfect little vignettes.
Three  -  I recently found a vintage serape for our bedroom makeover. The color combos are so fresh to me!
Four  -  Special chairs for a special space.
Five  -  I'm completely crazy over this photography print of Diane-Freaking-Keaton laying on the sidewalk(!). So weird and so cool.
Six  -  Everywhere I look I see swans (and foxes, and owls still,  actually. But swans are my favorite of the bunch. Such graceful creatures!) 

Seven  -  This would be a great rug for a Stair Runner project.
Eight  -  How amazing is this collection of Italian flatware in almost every color you could imagine?!
Nine  -  When I was young, my mom had the prettiest amethyst ring that I loved to try on sneakily. I'm sure my kids would do the same with this amethyst ring.
Ten  -  Wouldn't these orange stripes look awesome on my green sofa?
Eleven  -  Scallops are super-trending. These pillows are a fun way to participate with out a big commitment  The tone on tone is so pretty and subtle!
Twelve  -  I just love delicate beading on necklaces.
Thirteen  - An easy-to-carry slate cheeseboard. I almost just wrote "for when it's time to take the Valentine's party to the bedroom" but that felt weird. I mean, good for you though if you're eating cheese in bed on the 14th. :)