I've really been wanting a chair in our small bedroom. I looked around for a while and then remembered the Plycraft chair that I had tucked away into storage. It fit perfectly in the small nook by my closet.

 photo DSC_0458.jpg

But the vinyl on the chair is all ripped up and in bad shape, so obviously it is time for an upholstery job. Because the walls are so dark in here, I thought something a little on the lighter side would be pretty.

 photo 3DSC_0344copy.jpg

I started hunting online for a hide of leather in a light shade and I stumbled across Leather Hut on eBay. They had a ton of great options at really affordable prices. Then I realized their showroom is in Brooklyn! It's open to the trade only and only by appointment, and it did not disappoint. I found two identical hides of navy leather for a client's dining chairs and this half hide in a really lovely pale camel, almost blush. I love the color and the sheen so much!

 photo DSC_0492.jpg

I think the color will be perfect on the dark rug and against the charcoal walls.

 photo DSC_0511.jpg

I've got some mink oil that will help protect the finish and it will probably darken it a little bit or at least make it look a little more broken in. I'm so excited to pull off the wood shell on this chair and get to all that tufting! :)

 photo DSC_0508.jpg