Just past the library is the room that's currently set up as the formal dining room. The room is not huge though, and in the kitchen (which I will probably show you next) has plenty of space for a long dining table. I think the only time we would use a formal dining room is when we have company over, and in that case we would need lots of extra seating. A small formal dining room just doesn't seem useful for us. And I love having everyone in the kitchen anyway. It doesn't bother me to not have a more formal eating space.

 photo DSC_0378.jpg

We thought it would be so cool to make this little space a music room. We'd put a piano centered against this back wall:

 photo DSC_0379.jpg

Probably a little settee here under these windows:

 photo dDSC_0381.jpg

And maybe this chair in the corner here?

 photo dDSC_0383.jpg

 photo 3DSC_0344copy.jpg

And a wall of hanging instruments here to the right, probably over a storage piece:

 photo DSC_0380.jpg

 photo dDSC_0389.jpg

Sort of like what we did in the brownstone, but with Michael's other guitars up too:

 photo aDSC_0071.jpg

 photo 0DSC_0114.jpg

I'd love to put in a really huge, special light fixture in the tray ceiling and maybe do something with the trim to beef up the moulding. Maybe a lacquered ceiling?

 photo dDSC_0382.jpg

Speaking of lacquered, I want a really simple, modern piano, like a studio upright in high gloss white or black. And then I want to go unconventional on the bench, like tufted hot pink velvet or something. Here are some of my piano style inspiration photos:

I spotted a few simple (but well-made) pianos on Craigslist that I think I could paint myself. I know some people don't like the idea of painting their own pianos, but I've asked two different professional piano restorers here in New York and both of them said it won't ruin the sound at all (think of all the pianos that are sold already painted), just that it might effect the piano's resale value.

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-24at124142AM.png

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-24at124658AM.png

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-24at123820AM.png

 photo 3K23M73N85L85Gd5F5d5i52ab4e8572e21c6d.jpg

I'm so, so excited about this little room. Right after Michael and I were married, one of our first big purchases was a piano (which we ended up having to leave behind when we moved to Boston). I can't wait to have one again now. It's at the top of our "to purchase soon" list (right up there with a new king mattress). :)